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Ocean Tides Introduces 40th Anniversary Project:
The Outdoor Recreation Area

UPDATE: 10/01/16 - The Outdoor Recreation Area is Complete!

Thanks to your support, our 40th Anniversary Project is ready for our young men! Come join us on Friday, October 21, 2016, ahead of our Annual Cocktail Reception for the Blessing of the Fields. At 5:40 pm we will bless our new recreation facility, officially opening this open space for the young men of Ocean Tides School.

Please contact our office to RSVP or for details - Ms. Holly Palaia - hpalaia@oceantides.org - (401) 789-1016


02/08/2016 - Ocean Tides announces a new project for the School's 40th Anniversary: The Outdoor Recreation Area.

While Ocean Tides School enjoys sharing a large and beautiful campus with the Christian Brothers, there is no specifically designed or developed outdoor space for the teenagers who are the residents at Ocean Tides. The yard will provide a dedicated open space for outdoor relaxation and recreation in a supervised way; a basketball and volleyball court for activities, exercise and competition; and a BBQ and cooking area so as to enjoy the wonderful weather and outdoors here at Ocean Tides.

We need your help to make this recreation space a reality. See below to open the project flyer for more information, and please consider making a donation to bring to life this project for the young men served at Ocean Tides!

For more information, you can contact the administration at Ocean Tides, or to make a donation online, click on the Donate button below. You can also send your donation in to us by mail using the Outdoor Recreation Area flyer, found below.


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